Red Dragon Karate USA

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Red Dragon Mission

RED DRAGON KARATE USA strives to inspire each and every member to strengthen their mind and body through Black Belt excellence.

We work together in providing:

- Individualized attention through understanding students' needs and encouraging them to attain their personal best. You don’t have to be the best! Just do your best.

- A martial arts curriculum rich in tradition and enhanced by modern life application. It emphasizes physical skills and development of individual character to provide life-long benefits. The gift that lasts a lifetime.

- An environment where each person is a winner! A comfortable, supportive atmosphere which challenges each member to find success and empowerment through martial arts training.

RED DRAGON KARATE USA prides itself in providing exceptional martial arts instruction in the tradition of the World Tae Kwon Do Federation. Our school motto "WINNERS NEVER QUIT QUITTERS NEVER WIN". It is our goal for each member to challenge themselves mentally and physically. Challenge leads to growth and discovery, confidence, and strength.

Red Dragon's Three Locations


47 North Main Street
Carbondale, PA. 18407
Phone: 570 282-7003

Program Directors Name is Lisa

Monday 5 to 8PM

Tuesday to Friday 4 to 9 PM
Sat 10:30AM to 4PM


4 Mountain View Plaza
Clifford, PA. (Main Street)
Phone: 570 222-KICK (5425)

Program Directors Name is Linda

Tuesday, Wednesday, and
Thursday 4PM To 8:30PM

Clarks Summit

1000 S. State Street

Clarks Summit Pa. 18411

Abington Shopping Center

(570) 483-4570

Open- Tuesday - Wednesday- Thursday

4pm to 8:30 pm