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Private Lessons

RED DRAGON KARATE USA is proud to offer private individualized lessons.

Benefits of private instruction include:

- Tailored instruction per individual.
- Immediate feedback throughout the session.
- Additional advise, helpful tips, and learning at your own pace.

Private training allows us to work directly with you to rapidly achieve your goals. Whether you are focused on achieved superior health, confidence in self-protection skills, or wish to achieve belt rank in a private setting, suitable to your busy schedule, private training will fine tune your progress!

Please call or visit us to learn more about pricing for individual or semi-private lessons.

Red Dragon's Three Locations


47 North Main Street
Carbondale, PA. 18407
Phone: 570 282-7003

Program Directors Name is Tammy

Monday 5-8PM

Tuesday to Friday 4 to 9 PM
Sat 10:30AM to 4PM


4 Mountain View Plaza
Clifford, PA. (Main Street)
Phone: 570 222-KICK (5425)

Program Directors Name is Linda

Tuesday, Wednesday, and
Thursday 4PM To 8:30PM

Dickson City


330 Main Street

Dickson City

Next to Scranton Orthopedic