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Testimonial #1

Master Steve,

I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for our family, our children, and our lives by simply teaching and being yourself! The tremendous and positive impact you have had on Mario and Nicholas throughout these past 3 years is most appreciated, life changing, and gratefully acknowledged! Their levels of self-confidence, self-esteem, academic success, motivation, drive, respect, and physical stamina and adeptness can all be traced to their Tae Kwon Do training from your school!

With more gratitude than words can ever express.

- Mrs. Rosemary A. Bertinelli

Testimonial #2

Red Dragon Karate USA has provided me with rigorous workouts and great martial arts training for the last three years. Master Steve's positive attitude -- his constant reminders to set goals and to achieve them -- has never faltered and always pushes me to be happier and more proactive. There is no better testimonial to the quality of this studio than the laughter that greets everyone when they enter its doors.

- (Sir) Erin Garrow - 2nd Degree Black Belt

Testimonial #3

Martial Arts has been and continues to be an amazing journey through life, for myself and my family. It has embedded deep roots in us creating a stronger bond than the traditional family unit. We also share in each others' victories more so, because we realize what it took to get there - it's twice as nice. In Martial Arts you live a lifetime continuously bombarded with these experiences with each and every class you take. Martial Arts will teach you what you are as a person on the inside as well as out. It will also show you what you don't want to be. What you learn doesn't stop when you leave the Do Jang [Training Hall] -- it filters into every part of your life. Martial Arts provides a path to emotional and physical well being ...... you may deviate from that path slightly, but Martial Arts also gives you the tools to get right back on that path.

- Ma'am Kathryn DeGrazia

Red Dragon's Three Locations


47 North Main Street
Carbondale, PA. 18407
Phone: 570 282-7003

Program Directors Name is Tammy

Tuesday to Friday 3:30 to 9 PM
Sat 10AM to 5PM


4 Mountain View Plaza
Clifford, PA. (Main Street)
Phone: 570 222-KICK (5425)

Program Directors Name is Linda

Tuesday, Wednesday, and
Thursday 4PM To 8:30PM

Clarks Summit


1000 S. State Street

Clarks Summit Pa. 18411

Abington Shopping Center

(570) 483-4570

Open- Tuesday - Wednesday- Thursday

4pm to 8:30 pm